4 Must-do Things To Win A Job From A Job Fair

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7th December 2018

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4 Must-do Things To Win A Job From A Job Fair

There is a local job fair in town and all your batchmates are rushing to it.

But, before rushing out with them take a moment to know what a job fair really is.

Here are 5 things that you must know to make the best use of your time at a job fair.

#1 Be an early bird
Recruiters, like you and me are people with limited stamina. A whole day of meeting, greeting and interviewing people is going to tire them out. The candidates who drop in during the second half of the day are definitely not going to meet enthusiastic recruiters. Early bird gets the best offers.

#2 Be interview-ready
Meeting recruiters at a job fair is more or less like a precursor to an interview. They will evaluate your credentials and see if you are someone ‘interview-worthy’. So, even if it is not an interview, you still have to put your best foot forward.

#3 Make smart use of your time
Hundreds of recruiters, one single day and just you. Don’t brood too much time talking to a single recruiter. Try to see if they are really interested or just trying to ad one more count to their mandatory interviews. If you sense the slightest disinterest from the recruiter, it is better to exit gracefully and visit other recruiter stalls. So, don’t restrict your chance of getting a job by visiting few recruiters.

#4 Be ready with an interview kit
Have an interview kit that has everything a recruiter would want to see in the initial screening. Several copies of your resume, latest photographs, copies of most important educational certificates or licenses, etc.

A job fair will attract a large population of candidates. You will be competing with everyone ranging from fresh graduates to senior citizens looking for a freetime vocation. Plan ahead to stay above the crowd.