Brewed @ The Lab (B@TL) is a Global Innovator in IT Services, Consulting, Technology, business process management, Marketing and Digital Solutions cratering to the globe via its worldwide Network of Research and Development Labs.

  • We provide suitable solutions to global brands from our network of R&D Labs across:
  • America– California, Ohio & Delaware (USA).
  • EU – London (UK) ; Riga (Latvia)
  • MEA – Dubai (UAE);
  • APAC – Beijing (China) ;
  • INDIA- Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai ;
  • Australia & NZ – Sydney (Australia).
About Brewed At The Lab

Our success

We have an experienced and passionate team to look after our clients with care. Our friendly team of experts is highly motivated to deliver client-centric results. We work with more than 250+ employees and 1 Lakh B@TL agents across the world. At B@TL we take great pride to work in a constantly growing team and that look forward to developing skills and knowledge in all business verticals. With our team of experts, we assure to deliver the most accurate business solutions and competitive services.

Our team

B@TL constantly strives to update our knowledge and learn new trends in every field. We provide expert service offerings to clients. Web designing, software development, digital marketing, Financial services, healthcare solutions, public services, consumer services and IT infrastructure management are the areas in which we help brands to improve efficiency, expand, explore, cut costs and reduce risks. With expertise team, we provide right advice to the brands that are vital to its success.



B@TL Formation as a innovating and research division under the flagship company CFF.


B@TL Formation

B@TL was incorporated as an independent company in USA, with its back-end operations managed and maintained in India via R&D Labs across the state of TN, India to provide IT solution across the Liquor and hospitality industry.

B@TL Validation

B@TL opened Regional Sales & Market analysis R&D Labs at Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Latvia, Singapore and more.

B@TL Exponential Growth

B@TL went Global! Expanding all its business operations across the globe, opening B@TL R&D Labs in Singapore, Sydney, London, Delaware, Beijing, NY, Ohio and growing.

Our Core Business Values

Every Brand And Business Are Different

As a global innovator, we closely work with all our clients in order to provide them with the best of the best solution and strategies in order to keep them in par or ahead with all their global competitors! We understand that every brand is unique and the strategies to achieve the business goals are different. We provide an excellent solution that fits your brand and business. We explore the challenges of the brand, understand the need of the business and plan a strategy to overcome the challenges and explore the unexplored opportunities of the business. Our aim is to create custom-made solutions based on the requirement of the business and the needs of the audience.

Transparency in Our Work Process

B@TL understands the importance of transparency. We keep our clients updated regarding the process and solutions. We help our clients know exactly what they are paying for. We provide detailed information about the work we do.

Consistent Results To Protect Your Brand

We have a consistent team that understands your business inside out and provide solutions based on complete research of your brand and business, audience analysis and the current trends. We ensure our clients are handled with care and the brand gets the attention it deserves. We engage brands with the right audience and helps the business to grow.

Best Value For Money

We are committed to offering the best value for the solutions we offer. You will only pay for the services that are required for your brand. We will consider the technology development, infrastructure needs, financial solutions, digital marketing solutions that are required for your business. We ensure you make the best choice that improves the efficiency of the business.

Do You Want To Become a B@TL Agent?

Why You Want To Become a B@TL Agent?

We have an excellent opportunity for excellent individuals from all walks of life. We’d like to provide opportunities for the most ambitious, talented and flexible individual who’d like to contribute their knowledge and skills in the development of B@TL. Together, let’s grow.

We have opportunities for

  • Students
  • Artists
  • Technicians
  • Businessmen
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Housewives

Being a party of B@TL is not similar to other jobs. Here at B@TL, you get a chance to collaborate with the top business professionals, get the opportunity to manage tasks on your own and develop your skills in different domains.

Experience unlimited growth at B@TL.

  • Professional Training by experts
  • Flexible timings
  • Outstanding career opportunity
  • Highly paying and rewarding job
  • Free Personality development programs
  • Professional growth
  • Work-life balance

B@TL Technologies is one of the corporate advisory for Bharath University