Artificial Intelligence

The goal of the Artificial Intelligence is to merge the advantages of the human brain and the computer processor. You can use past experiences and data to provide insight and automate complex processes for your business. B@TL experts will assist you with:

  • Machine Learning
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Signal processing
  • Natural Language Processing
Artificial Intelligence Service

Who is this for?

  • Companies that need to automate administrative and technical tasks, including backups, job scheduling, determining project budget
  • IT enterprises that want support with data processing where human and computational methods are not helpful
  • Entrepreneurs with an innovative concept involving contact less facial, voice or emotion recognition

How it works?

  • We provide full lifecycle development from concept definition to production and support
  • B@TL designs operational prototypes or algorithms, with all necessary documentation, onsite consulting and training during the production process
  • We use the most advanced techniques to implement data analysis algorithms, to detect data, and to enable the machine make a prediction or categorize information without explicit programming