Behaviour etiquettes for a job interview


Most recruiters agree on one thing – they would prefer hiring a person who is pleasant to work with than someone who is more skilled.

Don’t get me wrong here. Skills do matter. But, your soft skills, most importantly, your etiquette matters more than that.

That brings us to the question – “How to behave properly in a job interview?”

An interview is a nerve-wracking experience. It is stressful and can give you sweaty palms. Sometimes the interviewer might even push you to your limits of tolerance.

But, should you cave in? There is specific way of behaving in an interview that will make you stand out and create a positive image. Here is how.

1. Be punctual
Being late to an interview shows you are not an organized person. It might give the interviewer that you are somebody who doesn’t stick to deadlines. It could give a serious blow to your chances of being recruited. Be an hour early, never a minute late.

2. Focus on the interview
Show some respect to the interview process by putting your smartphone on flight mode. Don’t fiddle with anything. Give your complete focus and attention to the interviewer and their questions.

3. Don’t interrupt
Allow the interviewer to complete the question. Never interrupt mid way their questions or remarks. It is a mark of disrespect. Your eager to give a good show is understandable, but, it should not be by disappointing the interviewer.

4. Keep calm
Don’t let your personal emotions get the best of you. Maintain a calm and neutral demeanor. Even if you are put to a stress test, face it with a neutral attitude. Smile, but, don’t grin. Nod, don’t shake your head.

5. Say ‘Thank You’
Saying Thank You is such a small thing but, can go a long way in making a person feel good. Especially the interviewer who is spending time that is not going to come back. Make eye contact when you are thanking the interviewer and be genuine about it. Don’t say it for the sake of saying. And, practice a firm handshake to accompany your Thank You.

Well, that sums up how you can behave well and impress your interview. Put up a good show and win that offer.