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How To Become Hire-ready Before A Job Fair?

The strange thing about an interview is that employers have a long list of other expectations than what is already mentioned in the job description.

Let’s say getting yourself shortlisted for an interview is just the beginning. There are some more things you need to build on your personal side to become really hire-ready. Or, as some call it – job-ready.

Here are some things you can do to impress interviewers and become an ‘excellent fit’ in their evaluation sheet.

Brush up your communication skills
Your knowledge and your personality can help you to secure the job offer only if you can communicate properly. Develop the skill of articulating your thoughts before giving a response. Practice active listening which will help you get the other person’s perspective before you can frame a response.

Upgrade your tech-savviness
In 2017, employers want employees who can work seamlessly with technology. Computer proficiency has become a mandatory skill that cannot be taken for granted. If you are still stuck finding your way around a computer, sign up for a DTP class. It will impart the necessary skills that will make you a tech-savvy employee that an employee would want to hire.

Sharpen your personal image
Pick up few formal clothes that give look sharp and crisp like a corporate honcho. Go to a salon and get a thorough personal grooming done to make you look and feel confident. Watch the way you carry yourself. Follow a body language that is respectful to those around you.

Get into an organized mode
Don’t walk into an interview and scramble through your certificates and documents when information is called for. Be organized and get things organized. It goes a long way in making a good professional impression.

Develop a strong work ethic
Every professional must have his own professional manifesto. A work ethic that expresses how they would want to behave as an individual under various circumstances. Having a strong work ethic would go a long way in ensuring your employer that you are somebody who deserves to be handed the job offer.

Groom an optimist attitude
Skills might get you an offer, but it is an attitude that really secures you the job offer. A positive attitude reinstills your positioning as a professional. Combined with employability skills, it a surefire trait that will make you hire-ready.

These are the skills you need to become hire-ready. Do you have them all? If not start today.

Brush up your communication skills. Sign for a computer literacy course. Groom yourself for a positive image. Organize yourself and develop a professional image that brims with positivity.

And, once you get that dream job, don’t forget to let us know. Good Luck!

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Behaviour etiquettes for a job interview

Most recruiters agree on one thing – they would prefer hiring a person who is pleasant to work with than someone who is more skilled.

Don’t get me wrong here. Skills do matter. But, your soft skills, most importantly, your etiquette matters more than that.

That brings us to the question – “How to behave properly in a job interview?”

An interview is a nerve-wracking experience. It is stressful and can give you sweaty palms. Sometimes the interviewer might even push you to your limits of tolerance.

But, should you cave in? There is specific way of behaving in an interview that will make you stand out and create a positive image. Here is how.

1. Be punctual
Being late to an interview shows you are not an organized person. It might give the interviewer that you are somebody who doesn’t stick to deadlines. It could give a serious blow to your chances of being recruited. Be an hour early, never a minute late.

2. Focus on the interview
Show some respect to the interview process by putting your smartphone on flight mode. Don’t fiddle with anything. Give your complete focus and attention to the interviewer and their questions.

3. Don’t interrupt
Allow the interviewer to complete the question. Never interrupt mid way their questions or remarks. It is a mark of disrespect. Your eager to give a good show is understandable, but, it should not be by disappointing the interviewer.

4. Keep calm
Don’t let your personal emotions get the best of you. Maintain a calm and neutral demeanor. Even if you are put to a stress test, face it with a neutral attitude. Smile, but, don’t grin. Nod, don’t shake your head.

5. Say ‘Thank You’
Saying Thank You is such a small thing but, can go a long way in making a person feel good. Especially the interviewer who is spending time that is not going to come back. Make eye contact when you are thanking the interviewer and be genuine about it. Don’t say it for the sake of saying. And, practice a firm handshake to accompany your Thank You.

Well, that sums up how you can behave well and impress your interview. Put up a good show and win that offer.

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Essentials you MUST carry for a Job Interview

31th December 2018

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If you have got the call for an interview, great! Now it is time to own the interview by being there full-prepared.

Here are some essential things you need to take with you for the job interview. You need a list of these essentials because, missing even one single item can make you look like irresponsible or unorganized.

Updated Resume
Printing a copy or multiple copies of your updated resume should not take much time. Even if it is going to cost you ten minutes, do spend it. You cannot afford to walk in without a resume for your interview.

Some employers might want to have a look at your original certificates. You don’t have to carry all your certificates starting from high school. A handful relating to your professional certifications and recent accomplishments would do. Also, consider having a briefcase or a portfolio folder where all these materials can be neatly organized for quick retrieval.

Referral letters
Were you referred to this prospective employer by someone? If so, do carry a letter from them. If it was through email, do carry a print out. If it happened online, don’t forget to take a screenshot, lest you will be spending time trying to skim through emails and text messages to find the right one.

A notepad & pen
Even in the age of smartphones and tablets, a pen and a notepad is such a powerful tool. Putting a pen to paper and taking notes is a professional act. Of course you can use your smartphone to take notes, if that suits you.

Your visiting card
Not everybody requires a visiting card. But, if your profile is one that can be justified with a visiting card, do carry one. In fact, it will help the interviewer pull out your information quickly and reach for you faster.

There you go. Your resume takeaway kit that will help you supply all the information that your interviewer would ask for. Make a list of these and tick them off before you head out through the door.

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The first-timer’s guide to do’s and don’ts for a job interview

25th December 2018

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Even the most experienced professionals make silly mistakes that cost them precious job opportunities.

If you are in the job-hunting process, here are some do’s and don’ts that you ought to know and stay clear of to nail that job interview.

#1 Don’t: Walk in without a resume. DO: Carry multiple resume copies
The most careless thing you can do while walking in to face an interview panel is not to carry your resume. Even if you have already mailed your resume to the company’s HR, do take care to carry an extra copy of your resume.×1416/filters:no_upscale():fill(transparent,1)/about/GettyImages-580746883-5682ed455f9b586a9ef9a26b.jpg

#2 Don’t: Take the interviewer lightly. DO: Respond to each question with the right answer
Some interviewers would like to play the fool to see how good you are with your technical expertise. Don’t take it as an advantage and bluff around. Be specific in answering the question to the point with relevant supporting facts.

#3. Don’t: Bluff your credentials. DO: Be honest and straightforward
That urge to nail the job interview and get settled in a good job is understandable. But, don’t let the urge blind your ethics. Don’t bluff about your work experience, academic credentials or employability skills. Be honest and straightforward.

#4. Don’t: Get personal. DO: Maintain a professional demeanor
An interview is a professional setup. It is a scenario where interviewers will evaluate you and your response to their questions. Do bear in mind that some questions could be edgy, trying to test or even push you to get stressed out. Take it as a stress test and not as a personal incident. Keep calm and respond in a way befitting a professional and you should be well off.

Well, that brings us to the close of the things you ought to do and the things you are not supposed to do in a job interview. Bear in mind these tenets of attending an interview to walk out with the offer letter in hand.

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Tips to create a lasting first impression on your interview

As far as your recruiter is concerned, your first impression the long-lasting impression. Your first impression will carry forward the curiosity that your resume managed to create.

A Google recruiter we recently met over coffee said a staggering fact. “You have a 30-second window to create the best impression possible. And it is not with your resume.”

Here is how you can create that first impression that will carry you all the way to winning that job offer.

Dress a cut above
Be it for an intern position or an executive or for a managerial position, the way you dress speaks volumes about your personality. As a thumb rule, dress a cut above your position.

For men, a formal shirt with dark trousers and formal shoes a must. Don’t forget to match your shoes and belt. For women, a formal shirt with trousers or skirt also works, else anything that looks formal. Play it down with the accessories.

Take care of personal grooming
An unkempt appearance brings down the whole charm of your personality. Don’t forget to groom yourself for a good appearance. Get a nice and fine shave or trim that beard for its finest look. If you have any tattoos, make sure you cover it. Tattoos are for parties and not for interviews. For ladies, brush your hair and fix it with a neat style that makes you look professional. Make sure you pick a good cologne that keeps odour away as well as does not suffocate. Pick something light and subtle.

Carry copies of your resume
You have to carry multiple copies of your resume. Even if the receptionist fails to return the copy you submitted, you won’t be walking empty handed for the face-to-face interview. Don’t underestimate the negative impression that ar recruiter would have of you if you do not have a copy of your resume.

Be in the know of the company
A candidate who knows a tad bit of the company he is applying definitely impresses the recruiter. So spend some time the night before trying to get some insider information about the company and its latest news. It will help you engage better with the interviewer. A good conversation never fails to create a good impression.

Ask the right questions
More than the right answers, it is the right questions that clinches the interviewer’s attention. Questions like, “why is this position vacant?”, “What are my goals for the first 2 weeks?”, “How will my performance be measured?” will carry more weightage.

Of course you can raise questions about the workplace, the lunch breaks, the employee benefits and all. But, push that to the last. An employer would want to know if you are really passionate about this position. The right questions will help demonstrate that.

Carry a pen and a note
You don’t know when the interviewer might tell something that need to be noted down. It could be something like a list of paperwork that needs to be submitted, a list of references, domain areas that you need to research, etc. Asking for a pen and paper while facing the interview panel is going to be embarrassing. So, don’t forget to carry a pen and a note.

This should do to create a first impression that will go a long way in winning that job you desire. Good luck impressing and acing that interview.

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Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview

18th December 2018

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What recruiters have to say about dressing right for an interview

The outfit you wear to your interview will create a lasting first impression. You better ensure that it is the best impression. The rest of interview will weigh on how good your first impression is.

Like the experts say, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have.”

Here are some things that recruiters had to say when we quizzed them the right way of dressing for a job interview.
Be Careful With Casuals
Most modern companies have adopted a casual mode of dressing. But, for face-to-face interviews, a formal dress is still acceptable as the ideal way of dressing.

If it is summer, you can skip wearing a suit and a tie and go for something that is lighter. Recruiters call it the business casual dressing which looks decent enough for an interview and comfortable enough for the scorching sun.
Shoes Do Make A Point
Shabby, dirty, worn-out shoes show a lack of interest in dressing up for an interview. Do you know that your shoes are the first thing that people notice about you.

For an interview the choice of shoe is more important since it has to go well with your outfit. Go for formal shoes of dark color, preferably black or brown tan.

Don’t forget to match your belt to your shoe color. Applies equally for men and women!

Sneakers, loafers, running shoes are a strict no-no unless your job profile is one that is related to sports or fitness training.
Personal Hygiene Matters
Don’t walk into an interview with a stubble. If you are sporting a beard, do maintain it properly. Or sweat stained clothes. Bear a presentale personal hygiene. Get a haircut if it has been long pending.

The bottomline: look presentable and impressive. Something close to this guy.

But, don’t Overdo It
Don’t let your enthusiasm to look better at the interview get the better of you. You want to look presentable. Don’t overdo it with too much of makeup, cologne or accessories.

The sound of metal clanking might be looked upon by an interview panel. So play it down with the accessories. Use minimal stuff that you would really need.

Remember, the interviewer would be more interested in seeing your employability skills than your looks.
Talk with confidence
Facing an interview panel that is invading into every inch of professional life can be intimidating. But, don’t lose cool. This is the time when you should display an air of confidence. Think of it as an opportunity to prove that you are someone who doesn’t crack under pressure.

That should take care of your dilemma of what to wear for the interview. Now all that is left is to go out there and put up a good show.

May the force be with you.

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What To Expect On Your First Time Visit To A Job Fair

14th December 2018

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What To Expect On Your First Time Visit To A Job Fair
Compared to funfairs where joy and happiness is boundless, job fairs depict a totally different scene.

Everybody attending the job fair is someone how is trying to beat you at winning a job. If you are visiting a job fair for the first time, be informed that the the experience is going to be a bit overwhelming, especially when help is not easily available.

So, to smoothen out things for you, we put together this blog about few things that you can expect if you are going to visit a job fair for the first time.
You may have to register beforehand
Not every job fair is going to allow walk-ins. Most job fairs, especially ones with high-roller companies might require you to register few days to the event to obtain an entry pass.

The registration process could happen via a website or could be an on spot registration limited to a specific number on first-come-first-serve basis. So, the moment you hear about an oncoming job fair, run a Google search and see if it needs online registration. If not, be early to the event to register yourself.
There will be a huge crowd
No job fair ever in the history has been deserted. Don’t be surprised to see the organizers setting up crowd control measures. To make things easier for all, the crowd might be split into separate groups of specific number who can attend the job fair at a specific time.

This makes the venue less crowded and easy to navigate for all. Again, the early you are, the better your chances of winning an job opportunity. Being early means you can get an early slot and meet the recruiters or their representatives when they are fresh with energy to meet people.
An actual job offer may not materialize
You may not get a job at a job fair! Let that sink in. A job fair is merely a setup for recruiters and candidates to meet and know each other. There is hardly a real interview process going on.

It is more of a preliminary screening where the candidates are checked for the prerequisites that the job demands. So expect basic questions related to your education, job experience, notice period, etc. Don’t feel dejected if you don’t end up having a job offer in your hand by the end of the fair. Most people don’t get it.
You will be getting plenty of brochures
Almost every recruiter or hiring agency would be handing out printed brochures. Don’t take them for less granted. These brochures usually contain information about how to apply for the position online, the detailed job description, the ideal candidate traits, the last date for application and so on. So, don’t pass them when someone extends a brochure.
Bringing It All Together
You might have to register to attend the job interview. There will be plenty of job hunters. End of the day, you may not have an offer in your hand. You will get plenty of information which company to apply and how to apply.

This is what you can expect from a first time visit to a job fair. Keep your eyes and ears open to know about the next job fair. It could be your stepping store to your dream job.

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To Prepare Yourself For A Crowd -thronging Job Fair

10th December 2018

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A 5-pointer Checklist To Prepare Yourself For A Crowd-thronging Job Fair

Hundreds of companies. Thousands of candidates. One single day. The idea of a job fair itself can be quite scary.

And, if you are running out of time for a full drill before facing the interviews, things can seem a little gloomy.

Not necessarily so if you have this 5-pointer checklist. This should prep you enough to make the most out of a job fair. Grab your note. This is going to be quick.
First, Make a list of the ‘Incredible opportunities’
From Fortune 500 companies to 100s of just-launched startups, job fair would attract all kinds of recruiters. You don’t want to waste your time visiting every single recruiter stall put up at the job fair. You need to have a list of ‘incredible opportunities’ that you really want to try out and take one best gig out of it.

This list of ‘Incredible Opportunities; are jobs that are best suited to your qualifications and personal traits. This list will help you dash straight to their stalls without losing time with the lesser attractive opportunities. Just visit the bob fair website or ring up the officials to get the list of participating companies.
Second, Dress A Cut Above
If you are gunning for an executive position, dress like you are interviewing for the manager’s position. The way you dress creates the first impression. Then follows your optimistic attitude and your body language. Get this equation right and the recruiter must be more than interested to talk at length with you.
Third, Have A Personal Tagline
“The name is Bond, James Bond.” means a lot more than what it says. That personal tagline is so powerful that James Bond needs no introduction.

Do you have a personal tagline like that? Something like:

● Digital Marketer: “I am John. I can make the Internet work for you.”
● Mobile App Developer: “I build mobile apps that solve everyday problems.”
● Accountant: “I am a financial wizard with superpowers in MS Excel.”
● Paramedic: “I save lives with my medical knowledge and experience.”

The idea of a personal tagline is to grab the recruiter’s undivided attention with a single phrase. It should steer the conversation forward. Just don’t try “I am Batman”. It doesn’t work with recruiters.
Fourth, Have Your Career Story Ready
Every interview or screening begins with the TMAY question – “Tell me about yourself”. It would be a shame if you are going to repeat what is already there in the resume. That is why you need your career story ready.

A career story will depict what you did from your first job until the the morning of the job fair. Write down your career timeline and note down highlight incidents against each of them. That should make it easier to recollect your story. It will never fail in impressing a recruiter.
Fifth, Be Prepared For The Inevitable Question
“Why do you want to work for us?” This is last arrow in the arsenal of every interviewer. The underlying motive is to check whether you are really passionate about joining the organization.

Make no mistake in convincing the interviewer that you are joining with all positive intent. Some background research about the company should help in framing a convincing answer.

Last, but not the least, don’t forget to carry copies of your resume and business cards. Get it into the interview mode and ace those quick rounds of short interviews.

Good Luck!

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4 Must-do Things To Win A Job From A Job Fair

7th December 2018

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4 Must-do Things To Win A Job From A Job Fair

There is a local job fair in town and all your batchmates are rushing to it.

But, before rushing out with them take a moment to know what a job fair really is.

Here are 5 things that you must know to make the best use of your time at a job fair.

#1 Be an early bird
Recruiters, like you and me are people with limited stamina. A whole day of meeting, greeting and interviewing people is going to tire them out. The candidates who drop in during the second half of the day are definitely not going to meet enthusiastic recruiters. Early bird gets the best offers.

#2 Be interview-ready
Meeting recruiters at a job fair is more or less like a precursor to an interview. They will evaluate your credentials and see if you are someone ‘interview-worthy’. So, even if it is not an interview, you still have to put your best foot forward.

#3 Make smart use of your time
Hundreds of recruiters, one single day and just you. Don’t brood too much time talking to a single recruiter. Try to see if they are really interested or just trying to ad one more count to their mandatory interviews. If you sense the slightest disinterest from the recruiter, it is better to exit gracefully and visit other recruiter stalls. So, don’t restrict your chance of getting a job by visiting few recruiters.

#4 Be ready with an interview kit
Have an interview kit that has everything a recruiter would want to see in the initial screening. Several copies of your resume, latest photographs, copies of most important educational certificates or licenses, etc.

A job fair will attract a large population of candidates. You will be competing with everyone ranging from fresh graduates to senior citizens looking for a freetime vocation. Plan ahead to stay above the crowd.

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How To Nail A Job Interview

After a long wait you have finally received that interview call from your dream company. You know you are 100% qualified for the position. The only thing standing in between you and your dream job is that final hurdle – the job interview.

Irrespective of how many master’s degree and years of experience one has, facing an interview panel is still a palm-sweating affair for most.

As someone who has been both a candidate and a interviewee on several occasions, I have gone through the roller-coaster of emotions that one undergoes on both the sides of the interview table.

From that wealth of experience, I bring to you this quick tips on how to nail a job interview.

Whether you are a fresh-outta-college grad looking for your first career break or an experienced professional taking the next big leap, this blog should come in handy.

Before we get started, a quick tip: nailing a job interview is not difficult as many hail it to be. It is easy, provided that you follow these tips.
#1 Know your prospective employer
The one thing that demonstrates how keen you are in joining an organization’s shows in the amount of knowledge you have about the organization. Do a thorough research on its products and offerings. Read through all the recent news articles and make observations of highlights. Be prepared to face questions from the panel that sound like:
● What do you know about us?
● Why do you want to work here?
● What do you think of our latest accomplishments?
#2 Customize your resume
My friends in the HR functions tell me it is so disappointing to see candidates present resumes that look like a copied template. Remember this: your resume is not just a paper. It is a document that describes you to your employer when you are not in the room. And no company or recruiter is the same. So customize your resume before you send it out.
#3 Reach 15 Minutes Early
Better three hours too soon than a minute too late – William Shakespeare. You don’t have to be three hours early to an interview, but being fifteen minutes early is recommended. You can easily settle down and ease your way into the interview mode with that time.
#4 Watch Your Body Language
Actions speak louder than words. The way you sit, your gestures and the way you conduct yourselves during the interview has a direct bearing on your selection or rejection. Some tips to bear in mind would be to maintain a confident poise, don’t slouch back, don’t fidget, and keep a straight face that gives off positive energy. Smile subtly, don’t grin.
#5 Ask Questions
The interviewer must feel that you are interested in the interview and not just attending it half-heartedly. So, don’t forget to ask timely sensible questions that will keep the dialogue flowing easily.
#6 Follow Up
Your interview isn’t over once you leave the interview venue. It is still on until you get the offer letter. So do follow u p with the recruiter. Write a polite Thank You email. If you are connected on LinkedIn, write a personal message. It is better to skip any other social media communication, unless your job profile belongs to that genre.

That should take care of the basic things you must pay heed to nail a job interview. Good luck getting that dream job of yours!

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