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Our cloud-native solutions address a range of needs, from modernizing traditional applications to building next-generation technology-based applications.
Going cloud native helps companies stay ahead of competition as it provides agility, continuous delivery and rapid time to market. But implementing a cloud native solution can be a complicated and time-consuming exercise without an experienced partner. It calls for a partner who can deliver insights from data at speed, build fault-tolerant systems and create architectures to drive innovation.

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Why Cloud-Native Services?

Increase Developer Productivity

Empower your developers by providing the resources and environments they need to innovate and deliver applications faster on-premises or in the cloud. Leverage containers, cloud resources, and automation without compromising security and compliance.

Deliver Superior Experience

Cloud-native technologies provide resiliency and auto-scaling through the use of microservices — modular applications that can be deployed, updated, scaled and restarted without impact to the system or end users. Enterprises and service providers can deliver superior customer experiences 24×7.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

In a digital world, businesses need to move quickly to increase customer acquisition and retention. By building and deploying cloud-native applications, IT can make quick updates and enhancements – so your business can deliver products and services at a more competitive pace.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Businesses are running at a faster pace today but often struggle to respond quickly enough to changing market conditions. Cloud-native applications help your business operate with efficiency through automation, self-service, telemetry, and analytics that scale out and up as needed.

kickstart your cloud native strategy

B@TL cloud-native service provides the methods and practices needed to successfully develop cloud native applications.

We can help you kickstart cloud native applications development with our lean startup services, or initiate a full-scale development in the cloud.

B@TL provides the capability, scale and speed to drive business agility and digitization by developing feature-rich business applications.

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