Cyber Security

B@TL Cyber Security aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services.we have dedicated our highly skilled and expert advisers to offer services like cybercrime consultancy to encase the digital sphere with secure cyberspace Advancement in technology and interconnected business ecosystems has combined to increase exposure to cyber attacks. We aim to digitally shield the cyberspace by offering various products and services.

Cyber security solutions

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Assessment services measures the reliability and strength of all Cyber Security methods and pinpoints areas of weakness. This signals to your staff and your clients their information is protected.

Cyber Security Support Services

The best line of defense against Cyber Security threats are experts that are ready to help at any time. If your system isn’t performing normally, you suspect your system has been compromised, or you are simply experiencing a technical error, the 24 hour customer service by IT experts, is available to assist you.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

B@TL Cyber Security Consulting Services will review your organization’s security infrastructure against the following three principles to understand the existing information technology control framework; identifying where you are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks.

Cyber Security Monitoring

Constant supervision, maintenance and vigilance keeps your system running at its highest level and stops weaknesses before they turn into problems. Attentive monitoring of network events, server patch compliance, identity and access, and security alerts brings your security under the wing of B@TL’s Security Operations Center, providing threat protection at every level that never down.

Batl Cyber Teams

B@TL Cyber Team offers:

Security compliance services

• Information & Cyber Security Strategy services
• Incident response readiness
• Cyber Security Internal Audit
• Technical Assessments
• Penetration testing: Red, Blue and Purple Teaming
• DevSecOps
• Expert Configuration reviews

As one of the world’s most reputable systems integrators and managed service providers, we invest heavily in our cyber security capabilities, establishing our widely recognized credentials gained by working closely with international security associations and standards bodies.