Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview

Dress to Impress: How to dress for a job interview

18th December 2018

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What recruiters have to say about dressing right for an interview

The outfit you wear to your interview will create a lasting first impression. You better ensure that it is the best impression. The rest of interview will weigh on how good your first impression is.

Like the experts say, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have.”

Here are some things that recruiters had to say when we quizzed them the right way of dressing for a job interview.
Be Careful With Casuals
Most modern companies have adopted a casual mode of dressing. But, for face-to-face interviews, a formal dress is still acceptable as the ideal way of dressing.


If it is summer, you can skip wearing a suit and a tie and go for something that is lighter. Recruiters call it the business casual dressing which looks decent enough for an interview and comfortable enough for the scorching sun.
Shoes Do Make A Point
Shabby, dirty, worn-out shoes show a lack of interest in dressing up for an interview. Do you know that your shoes are the first thing that people notice about you.


For an interview the choice of shoe is more important since it has to go well with your outfit. Go for formal shoes of dark color, preferably black or brown tan.

Don’t forget to match your belt to your shoe color. Applies equally for men and women!


Sneakers, loafers, running shoes are a strict no-no unless your job profile is one that is related to sports or fitness training.
Personal Hygiene Matters
Don’t walk into an interview with a stubble. If you are sporting a beard, do maintain it properly. Or sweat stained clothes. Bear a presentale personal hygiene. Get a haircut if it has been long pending.

The bottomline: look presentable and impressive. Something close to this guy.


But, don’t Overdo It
Don’t let your enthusiasm to look better at the interview get the better of you. You want to look presentable. Don’t overdo it with too much of makeup, cologne or accessories.

The sound of metal clanking might be looked upon by an interview panel. So play it down with the accessories. Use minimal stuff that you would really need.

Remember, the interviewer would be more interested in seeing your employability skills than your looks.

Talk with confidence
Facing an interview panel that is invading into every inch of professional life can be intimidating. But, don’t lose cool. This is the time when you should display an air of confidence. Think of it as an opportunity to prove that you are someone who doesn’t crack under pressure.

That should take care of your dilemma of what to wear for the interview. Now all that is left is to go out there and put up a good show.

May the force be with you.