Banking Services

We offer a wide range of financial services specifically designed to banks in all over the world who turns out into digital and other official monetary institutions in the management of their foreign exchange reserves. Some 140 customers, including various international financial institutions, currently make use of our services.
Embracing digital transformation requires sweeping modernization of outdated infrastructure. However, at Brewed @ The Lab, our financial services solutions are driven by significant investments in key technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, block-chain and customer experience management.
We offer wide variety of services across the financial services spectrum including:

  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Front, Middle and Back Office Solutions
  • Transaction & Application Processing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Credit & Operations Risk Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Cash Management
  • Custody Services

We work to understand your unique challenges and offer banking services aligned with your business goals.


There is a good news for insurers, particularly at a time when low interest rates and tighter regulation constrain performance. Also our forum aims at enabling industry discussions that lead to increased insurance penetration levels through technology and innovation.
Analytic innovation––predictive and prescriptive analytics of big data, artificial intelligence, and optimization––is conquering the world, and the insurance industry. And that’s a good thing.
Further, insurers can benefit in two primary ways from the increasing accessibility of artificial-intelligence solutions, such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP):

  • AI can streamline those tasks that can be done by people.
  • AI can identify insights that humans cannot find.

Micro Finance

Our Micro financial service aimed at providing small loans to low-income individuals and making them self reliant. These individuals can find support from Micro Loans lenders.
Our focus is thus on those who lack the access to banking and related services, but who have the aspirations and find opportunities through adversities. We identify and service these small dreams and turn them into solid success stories through our deep network of professionals with access to the remotest parts of the country.
Being one of the few experts in the field of micro finance services offers us the edge to deliver the best consultancy for organizations involved in starting and functioning of micro-financing establishments.Micro-finance solutions include,

  • Member Profile Management
  • Funds Management
  • Savings and Insurance


  • To form and promote Self Help Groups of the Poor, Women, Needy, Oppressed, and to attain improvement in their socio- economic condition through economic activities.
  • To give priority to women and to involve them directly in production activities so that the opportunities are created for additional income.
  • To provide technical assistance so that the poor become self sufficient by accumulating and creating their own capital through savings from increased income.
  • To provide financial assistance for economic empowerment.