How To Nail A Job Interview

How To Nail A Job Interview

After a long wait you have finally received that interview call from your dream company. You know you are 100% qualified for the position. The only thing standing in between you and your dream job is that final hurdle – the job interview.

Irrespective of how many master’s degree and years of experience one has, facing an interview panel is still a palm-sweating affair for most.

As someone who has been both a candidate and a interviewee on several occasions, I have gone through the roller-coaster of emotions that one undergoes on both the sides of the interview table.

From that wealth of experience, I bring to you this quick tips on how to nail a job interview.

Whether you are a fresh-outta-college grad looking for your first career break or an experienced professional taking the next big leap, this blog should come in handy.

Before we get started, a quick tip: nailing a job interview is not difficult as many hail it to be. It is easy, provided that you follow these tips.
#1 Know your prospective employer
The one thing that demonstrates how keen you are in joining an organization’s shows in the amount of knowledge you have about the organization. Do a thorough research on its products and offerings. Read through all the recent news articles and make observations of highlights. Be prepared to face questions from the panel that sound like:
● What do you know about us?
● Why do you want to work here?
● What do you think of our latest accomplishments?
#2 Customize your resume
My friends in the HR functions tell me it is so disappointing to see candidates present resumes that look like a copied template. Remember this: your resume is not just a paper. It is a document that describes you to your employer when you are not in the room. And no company or recruiter is the same. So customize your resume before you send it out.
#3 Reach 15 Minutes Early
Better three hours too soon than a minute too late – William Shakespeare. You don’t have to be three hours early to an interview, but being fifteen minutes early is recommended. You can easily settle down and ease your way into the interview mode with that time.
#4 Watch Your Body Language
Actions speak louder than words. The way you sit, your gestures and the way you conduct yourselves during the interview has a direct bearing on your selection or rejection. Some tips to bear in mind would be to maintain a confident poise, don’t slouch back, don’t fidget, and keep a straight face that gives off positive energy. Smile subtly, don’t grin.
#5 Ask Questions
The interviewer must feel that you are interested in the interview and not just attending it half-heartedly. So, don’t forget to ask timely sensible questions that will keep the dialogue flowing easily.
#6 Follow Up
Your interview isn’t over once you leave the interview venue. It is still on until you get the offer letter. So do follow u p with the recruiter. Write a polite Thank You email. If you are connected on LinkedIn, write a personal message. It is better to skip any other social media communication, unless your job profile belongs to that genre.

That should take care of the basic things you must pay heed to nail a job interview. Good luck getting that dream job of yours!