What is it?

The Internet of Things is the technology that makes your physical product mobile, virtual, and with instant connectivity. B@TL has IoT Practice in all around the world and hi-tech development centres in India. The teams have more than 10 years of experience and will assist you with:

  • Experience Design
  • System Design
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • IoT Platforms Development
IoT Platforms Development

Who is this for?

  • Tech companies following and implementing technology trends and innovations
  • Healthcare companies where IoT can help save lives, prevent disease, and create new treatment through monitoring and analysis
  • Businesses that want to change their existing business model and find new sources of income
  • Manufacturers who wish to add intelligence to their products

How it works?

  • In stage one we provide consulting on projects related to the Internet of Things development
  • We help you manage the complexity of the project through IoT solution architecture, product development and delivery
  • We develop proof of concept to check your idea and keep down costs of the initial stages of development