Position title
CDA - Client Design Analyst

The B@TL CDA is a unique training programme that provides you with the opportunity to learn and develop your skills in digital graphic and communication design. Our diverse briefs focuses on different audiences and industries thereby giving you the chance to explore and display your work into context.

This intensive and creative training program challenges you to explore horizons thereby moulding to meet industry standards. The program focuses on providing you with the necessary industry knowledge and analytical skills to effectively apply your practical skills. This will assist you to build and demonstrate professional skills in creating exciting design content across different spheres. The program is devised to help you understand global design requirements thereby influencing your creative process.

The CDA programme aims to produce designers who will contribute to the evolving global design sphere. If you appreciate advertising, technology and its potential, and if your passion is to create digital design, this is the right program for you! The CDA programme will transform you into a creative, analytical and ambitious individual who will be a part of the digital design age.

As a CDA trainee you will have the benefits of internship as part of the programme and gain necessary skills to launch your career.

You do not require specific educational qualifications, but you must possess an interest in digital design.

Position: CDA - Client Design Analyst

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Employment Type
Full time
Job Location
Working Hours
Base Salary
10000 $
Date posted
December 8, 2018
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