Position title
CFA - Client Finance Analyst

As a financial analyst trainee you will not only analyse daily transactions within the firm but also analyse the microeconomic and macroeconomic to recommend financial decisions. As an analyst you will also compute large financial data to study patterns and derive solutions for improved analysis. You will be using numerical data to determine the effectiveness of the marketing techniques relative to cost.

As analysts you will also learn to track individual and groups of organisations with specific industries and geographic regions. The CFA program focuses on providing you with the necessary knowledge to generate financial reports. As a CFA trainee you will also be trained to remain vigilant while gathering transactional inputs and computing balance sheets. This program is designed to assist you to be vigilant while gathering inputs; interpret financial transactions; and computing balance sheets. You will be trained to be part of the financial sector in the global business landscape.

You do not require specific educational qualifications, but you must possess an interest in digital design.

Position: CFA - Client Finance Analyst

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Employment Type
Full time
Job Location
Working Hours
Base Salary
10000 $
Date posted
December 8, 2018
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