Energy and Utilities

B@TL provides services that contribute towards a sustainable planet by continuously creating new benchmarks as leaders in building reliable and energy efficient utility systems for process industry. It has helped leading technology and CIO organizations to build successful products and solutions for the smart grid.

B@TL have a dual expertise of design and system improvement for utilities across existing plants and green field projects.

Our experience in Energy & Utilities domain includes:

  • Smart utilities – Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters – Smart Energy Meter, AMI, AMR, EV, HAN and other smart products
  • Advanced Metering System: Hardware Engineering and Testing, Metering Products Evaluation, Complete Meter Pilot and Rollout Program Execution
  • Communication: Network Solutions, Security Solutions and Auditing, Communication Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Energy Management – Addressing challenges associated with managing energy programs and analytics products.
  • Transmission & Distribution (T&D)
  • Oil & Gas – Products across upstream, midstream & downstream
  • GIS
  • Digital Oilfield Analytics

Apart from these, we provide Enterprise Solutions, Supply Chain Management Solutions, Infrastructure Optimization, Upstream Data Analytics, and so on, with a keen focus on Digitization. Our Energy and Utilities Services are expected to operate at much lower costs than their contenders, while providing high service quality at the same time.

Travel, Transport & Hospitality

We at B@TL excel in delivering technology solutions and services to Travel, Transport & Hospitality Industry which includes providing solutions for Hotel, Resorts and vacations, Travel Management and Services. Now, B@TL has banded together with worldwide ventures in air transport, auto rentals, accommodation, travel dispersion, recreation and logistics sections in conveying unrivalled IT results.

Our Specialties

  • Business Process Management
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Travel Distribution Hubs
  • Global Distribution System (GDS)

Explore the range of services for the Travel, Transport & Hospitality industry that are available through B@TL’s Digital, Business Process, and Customer Engagement Transformation service areas.

Travel And Transport

As a travel and transport industry thought pioneer, we enable our customers to explore, or on a very basic level reshape, the changing financial aspects of their respective industries. Whether it’s driving airline industry consolidation or partnerships, presenting new auxiliary income, advancing travel dedication programs, privatizing air terminals or enhancing the visitor involvement with hotels, our work in a general sense improves your businesses.


Conventional hotels and modern-day online accommodation marketplaces have one thing in common: Low edges and the need to give world class institutionalized administrations to clients to advance brand steadfastness. In the fiercely competitive hospitality market,a great experience brings about rehash business and a negative encounters can bring about massive plunges in bookings. We offer world-class, multilingual, and standardized services with optimum pricing to help our hospitality clients meet their requirements. We also provide analytics and social media management services to create focused up-sell/cross-sell marketing campaigns