Development + Management

IT Infrastructure

B@TL  offers supportive, supplementing or even rearrangement of your IT infrastructure. These services are meant for integration, general improvement, and cost reduction. We aim to increase the security and efficiency of our clients’ systems. Our approach starts with an understanding of your requirement and portfolio analysis. We ensure that the customer’s equipment are in optimum operational condition and the services are delivered in a prompt and organised manner. We offer both, on-site and remote management services.

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B@TL IT Infrastructure Management Services enhances performance with the right skills and experience

  • Facility Management
  • Server and storage management
  • Network management
  • Datacenter management
  • Professional services
  • IT service desk
  • Security Audits

Infrastructure Monitoring Services

IT systems are complex composed of various components like servers, networks etc. to support critical business requirement and services. The hardware, software, network resources, services, databases, etc. compositely constitute the IT infrastructure of any business which is essential for management and operations. A business making use of IT services, has at its backbone a well maintained and well developed IT infrastructure which can maximise the productivity of a business and its lifetime.

How we are different

Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilisation by continuously monitoring your existing infrastructure. we fulfil our service level agreements (sla’s) in a quick and fuss-free manner ensuring the optimal performance levels required for your business unit goals are met.