Research + Development

Technology R&D

B@TL  offers supportive, supplementing or even rearrangement of your IT infrastructure. These services are meant for integration, general improvement, and cost reduction. We aim to increase the security and efficiency of our clients’ systems. Our approach starts with an understanding of your requirement and portfolio analysis. We ensure that the customer’s equipment are in optimum operational condition and the services are delivered in a prompt and organised manner. We offer both, on-site and remote management services.

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We provide innovative software R&D services for customers in the following focused industry domains:

  • Communications
  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Fitness

Our core areas of focus in the above domains will revolve around M2M, Internet of Things,, Home Networking, Enterprise/ Carrier / Data Centre Infrastructure, SDN and Storage and Server Virtualisation in Cloud and Data Centres, Storage on Cloud Technologies.

Research & Development

B@TL has successfully delivered results in several areas including:

New technology enablement, product enhancements and new markets penetration

  • Co-innovation to design and develop future-proof products
  • Build and operate managed test centers
  • In-market product support and end-of-life extension
  • Business and technology transformation programs