Analytics + Predictions

Big Data

Big data and data analytics plays a vital role in making businesses smarter and more efficient. Hence it is difficult to envision a successful business system/app which is not providing insights to its customers. We have developed deep understanding of Big Data and Data Analytics technologies/frameworks and business domains to help you provide critical insights from disparate data sources.

Our robust and wide-ranging Big Data Analytics Services look after the storage, transaction, analysis and maintenance of unstructured piles of data in a planned and controlled manner to make the most of it further for real-time analysis, visualisation and foresight. Our proficiency lies in developing and implementing custom-made analytic solutions with Big Data technologies like Hadoop & MongoDB.

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Our Goal Is To Deliver Higher Availability, Better Performance, And Enhanced Utilisation By Continuously Monitoring Your Existing Infrastructure. We Fulfil Our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) In A Quick And Fuss-Free Manner Ensuring The Optimal Performance Levels Required For Your Business Unit Goals Are Met.

B@TL Analytics & Prediction Services

Data Science & Analytics Conceptualization

  • Creating Insights based on given data, like Trend Analysis, Focus Areas, etc.
  • Analyzing and creating Visualizations like Graphs, Plots, etc. based on data
  • Predicting Outcome of data by creating different Machine Learning Algorithms, using techniques like Regression, Decision Trees, etc.
  • Creating data models and applying various validation measures to check the models before going to Production and also re-verifying the models over time
  • Generating pre-learn models from existing data which also provides self updation of models
  • Modelling data and creating models to be used for forecasting techniques
  • Experience in creating algorithms and models like Churn Propensity, Cross Sell, Time Series type models, etc.

Big Data Framework


An open-source framework that uses distributed storage to process large data sets. With the high degree of fault tolerance, Hadoop is one of the most scalable frameworks in the industry.


Get state of the art analytics easily and quickly with the unified framework that manages a variety of data sets such as text, graph as well as batch and real-time data.


MongoDB has emerged as the most popular NoSQL database in the market today. It is also one of the top database systems across all