How To Become Hire-ready Before A Job Fair?

How To Become Hire-ready Before A Job Fair?

The strange thing about an interview is that employers have a long list of other expectations than what is already mentioned in the job description.

Let’s say getting yourself shortlisted for an interview is just the beginning. There are some more things you need to build on your personal side to become really hire-ready. Or, as some call it – job-ready.

Here are some things you can do to impress interviewers and become an ‘excellent fit’ in their evaluation sheet.

Brush up your communication skills
Your knowledge and your personality can help you to secure the job offer only if you can communicate properly. Develop the skill of articulating your thoughts before giving a response. Practice active listening which will help you get the other person’s perspective before you can frame a response.

Upgrade your tech-savviness
In 2017, employers want employees who can work seamlessly with technology. Computer proficiency has become a mandatory skill that cannot be taken for granted. If you are still stuck finding your way around a computer, sign up for a DTP class. It will impart the necessary skills that will make you a tech-savvy employee that an employee would want to hire.

Sharpen your personal image
Pick up few formal clothes that give look sharp and crisp like a corporate honcho. Go to a salon and get a thorough personal grooming done to make you look and feel confident. Watch the way you carry yourself. Follow a body language that is respectful to those around you.

Get into an organized mode
Don’t walk into an interview and scramble through your certificates and documents when information is called for. Be organized and get things organized. It goes a long way in making a good professional impression.

Develop a strong work ethic
Every professional must have his own professional manifesto. A work ethic that expresses how they would want to behave as an individual under various circumstances. Having a strong work ethic would go a long way in ensuring your employer that you are somebody who deserves to be handed the job offer.

Groom an optimist attitude
Skills might get you an offer, but it is an attitude that really secures you the job offer. A positive attitude reinstills your positioning as a professional. Combined with employability skills, it a surefire trait that will make you hire-ready.

These are the skills you need to become hire-ready. Do you have them all? If not start today.

Brush up your communication skills. Sign for a computer literacy course. Groom yourself for a positive image. Organize yourself and develop a professional image that brims with positivity.

And, once you get that dream job, don’t forget to let us know. Good Luck!