The first-timer’s guide to do’s and don’ts for a job interview

The first-timer’s guide to do’s and don’ts for a job interview

25th December 2018

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Even the most experienced professionals make silly mistakes that cost them precious job opportunities.

If you are in the job-hunting process, here are some do’s and don’ts that you ought to know and stay clear of to nail that job interview.

#1 Don’t: Walk in without a resume. DO: Carry multiple resume copies
The most careless thing you can do while walking in to face an interview panel is not to carry your resume. Even if you have already mailed your resume to the company’s HR, do take care to carry an extra copy of your resume.×1416/filters:no_upscale():fill(transparent,1)/about/GettyImages-580746883-5682ed455f9b586a9ef9a26b.jpg

#2 Don’t: Take the interviewer lightly. DO: Respond to each question with the right answer
Some interviewers would like to play the fool to see how good you are with your technical expertise. Don’t take it as an advantage and bluff around. Be specific in answering the question to the point with relevant supporting facts.

#3. Don’t: Bluff your credentials. DO: Be honest and straightforward
That urge to nail the job interview and get settled in a good job is understandable. But, don’t let the urge blind your ethics. Don’t bluff about your work experience, academic credentials or employability skills. Be honest and straightforward.

#4. Don’t: Get personal. DO: Maintain a professional demeanor
An interview is a professional setup. It is a scenario where interviewers will evaluate you and your response to their questions. Do bear in mind that some questions could be edgy, trying to test or even push you to get stressed out. Take it as a stress test and not as a personal incident. Keep calm and respond in a way befitting a professional and you should be well off.

Well, that brings us to the close of the things you ought to do and the things you are not supposed to do in a job interview. Bear in mind these tenets of attending an interview to walk out with the offer letter in hand.