Tips to create a lasting first impression on your interview

Tips to create a lasting first impression on your interview

As far as your recruiter is concerned, your first impression the long-lasting impression. Your first impression will carry forward the curiosity that your resume managed to create.

A Google recruiter we recently met over coffee said a staggering fact. “You have a 30-second window to create the best impression possible. And it is not with your resume.”

Here is how you can create that first impression that will carry you all the way to winning that job offer.

Dress a cut above
Be it for an intern position or an executive or for a managerial position, the way you dress speaks volumes about your personality. As a thumb rule, dress a cut above your position.

For men, a formal shirt with dark trousers and formal shoes a must. Don’t forget to match your shoes and belt. For women, a formal shirt with trousers or skirt also works, else anything that looks formal. Play it down with the accessories.

Take care of personal grooming
An unkempt appearance brings down the whole charm of your personality. Don’t forget to groom yourself for a good appearance. Get a nice and fine shave or trim that beard for its finest look. If you have any tattoos, make sure you cover it. Tattoos are for parties and not for interviews. For ladies, brush your hair and fix it with a neat style that makes you look professional. Make sure you pick a good cologne that keeps odour away as well as does not suffocate. Pick something light and subtle.

Carry copies of your resume
You have to carry multiple copies of your resume. Even if the receptionist fails to return the copy you submitted, you won’t be walking empty handed for the face-to-face interview. Don’t underestimate the negative impression that ar recruiter would have of you if you do not have a copy of your resume.

Be in the know of the company
A candidate who knows a tad bit of the company he is applying definitely impresses the recruiter. So spend some time the night before trying to get some insider information about the company and its latest news. It will help you engage better with the interviewer. A good conversation never fails to create a good impression.

Ask the right questions
More than the right answers, it is the right questions that clinches the interviewer’s attention. Questions like, “why is this position vacant?”, “What are my goals for the first 2 weeks?”, “How will my performance be measured?” will carry more weightage.

Of course you can raise questions about the workplace, the lunch breaks, the employee benefits and all. But, push that to the last. An employer would want to know if you are really passionate about this position. The right questions will help demonstrate that.

Carry a pen and a note
You don’t know when the interviewer might tell something that need to be noted down. It could be something like a list of paperwork that needs to be submitted, a list of references, domain areas that you need to research, etc. Asking for a pen and paper while facing the interview panel is going to be embarrassing. So, don’t forget to carry a pen and a note.

This should do to create a first impression that will go a long way in winning that job you desire. Good luck impressing and acing that interview.