To Prepare Yourself For A Crowd -thronging Job Fair

To Prepare Yourself For A Crowd -thronging Job Fair

10th December 2018

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A 5-pointer Checklist To Prepare Yourself For A Crowd-thronging Job Fair

Hundreds of companies. Thousands of candidates. One single day. The idea of a job fair itself can be quite scary.

And, if you are running out of time for a full drill before facing the interviews, things can seem a little gloomy.

Not necessarily so if you have this 5-pointer checklist. This should prep you enough to make the most out of a job fair. Grab your note. This is going to be quick.
First, Make a list of the ‘Incredible opportunities’
From Fortune 500 companies to 100s of just-launched startups, job fair would attract all kinds of recruiters. You don’t want to waste your time visiting every single recruiter stall put up at the job fair. You need to have a list of ‘incredible opportunities’ that you really want to try out and take one best gig out of it.

This list of ‘Incredible Opportunities; are jobs that are best suited to your qualifications and personal traits. This list will help you dash straight to their stalls without losing time with the lesser attractive opportunities. Just visit the bob fair website or ring up the officials to get the list of participating companies.
Second, Dress A Cut Above
If you are gunning for an executive position, dress like you are interviewing for the manager’s position. The way you dress creates the first impression. Then follows your optimistic attitude and your body language. Get this equation right and the recruiter must be more than interested to talk at length with you.
Third, Have A Personal Tagline
“The name is Bond, James Bond.” means a lot more than what it says. That personal tagline is so powerful that James Bond needs no introduction.

Do you have a personal tagline like that? Something like:

● Digital Marketer: “I am John. I can make the Internet work for you.”
● Mobile App Developer: “I build mobile apps that solve everyday problems.”
● Accountant: “I am a financial wizard with superpowers in MS Excel.”
● Paramedic: “I save lives with my medical knowledge and experience.”

The idea of a personal tagline is to grab the recruiter’s undivided attention with a single phrase. It should steer the conversation forward. Just don’t try “I am Batman”. It doesn’t work with recruiters.
Fourth, Have Your Career Story Ready
Every interview or screening begins with the TMAY question – “Tell me about yourself”. It would be a shame if you are going to repeat what is already there in the resume. That is why you need your career story ready.

A career story will depict what you did from your first job until the the morning of the job fair. Write down your career timeline and note down highlight incidents against each of them. That should make it easier to recollect your story. It will never fail in impressing a recruiter.
Fifth, Be Prepared For The Inevitable Question
“Why do you want to work for us?” This is last arrow in the arsenal of every interviewer. The underlying motive is to check whether you are really passionate about joining the organization.

Make no mistake in convincing the interviewer that you are joining with all positive intent. Some background research about the company should help in framing a convincing answer.

Last, but not the least, don’t forget to carry copies of your resume and business cards. Get it into the interview mode and ace those quick rounds of short interviews.

Good Luck!