What To Expect On Your First Time Visit To A Job Fair

What To Expect On Your First Time Visit To A Job Fair

14th December 2018

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What To Expect On Your First Time Visit To A Job Fair
Compared to funfairs where joy and happiness is boundless, job fairs depict a totally different scene.

Everybody attending the job fair is someone how is trying to beat you at winning a job. If you are visiting a job fair for the first time, be informed that the the experience is going to be a bit overwhelming, especially when help is not easily available.

So, to smoothen out things for you, we put together this blog about few things that you can expect if you are going to visit a job fair for the first time.
You may have to register beforehand
Not every job fair is going to allow walk-ins. Most job fairs, especially ones with high-roller companies might require you to register few days to the event to obtain an entry pass.


The registration process could happen via a website or could be an on spot registration limited to a specific number on first-come-first-serve basis. So, the moment you hear about an oncoming job fair, run a Google search and see if it needs online registration. If not, be early to the event to register yourself.
There will be a huge crowd
No job fair ever in the history has been deserted. Don’t be surprised to see the organizers setting up crowd control measures. To make things easier for all, the crowd might be split into separate groups of specific number who can attend the job fair at a specific time.


This makes the venue less crowded and easy to navigate for all. Again, the early you are, the better your chances of winning an job opportunity. Being early means you can get an early slot and meet the recruiters or their representatives when they are fresh with energy to meet people.
An actual job offer may not materialize
You may not get a job at a job fair! Let that sink in. A job fair is merely a setup for recruiters and candidates to meet and know each other. There is hardly a real interview process going on.


It is more of a preliminary screening where the candidates are checked for the prerequisites that the job demands. So expect basic questions related to your education, job experience, notice period, etc. Don’t feel dejected if you don’t end up having a job offer in your hand by the end of the fair. Most people don’t get it.
You will be getting plenty of brochures
Almost every recruiter or hiring agency would be handing out printed brochures. Don’t take them for less granted. These brochures usually contain information about how to apply for the position online, the detailed job description, the ideal candidate traits, the last date for application and so on. So, don’t pass them when someone extends a brochure.

Bringing It All Together
You might have to register to attend the job interview. There will be plenty of job hunters. End of the day, you may not have an offer in your hand. You will get plenty of information which company to apply and how to apply.

This is what you can expect from a first time visit to a job fair. Keep your eyes and ears open to know about the next job fair. It could be your stepping store to your dream job.